Like most entrepreneurs, you probably don’t have enough hours in a day. That’s not going to change, but with some good strategies you can try make the most out of the ones you have.

✅ Take 10 minutes, enjoy your coffee, and plan. It sets the tone for the day, it helps you have a calm, clear start and make this a daily habit.

✅ In those 10 minutes, note down the tasks for the rest of the week, and the ones that have to happen today. You should have your note from the day before, so tasks not completed for this week, can be prioritized or remembered.

✅ Take a couple of minutes every day to think about your business goals. Goals for the day or week or month. A new week or a new month is a great excuse to review and refresh. Don’t work non-stop without focusing on your business goals. If it’s a daily habit you will alway be forcing yourself to prioritize where you are going.

✅ Eat the frog.

Mark Twain said if the first thing you do each morning, is to eat a frog, you can go through the rest of the day with the satisfaction of knowing the worst task is done. The worst part of procrastination, is the anxiety of looming tasks on you all day. Especially if you are postponing a task you are dreading!

✅ Block your time. When you are doing something, do that. Batch your time for emails, batch your time for phone calls. Close the emails, silence the phone – even if it’s only for 20 minutes at a time. Anything urgent can wait for 20 minutes. You will be so much more efficient completely committed and focused on one task. Multi-tasking is a not efficient!

✅ Always clean your desk before you go home.

Don’t start your day trying to figure out where you left off. Finish a task, tidy your desk and make a note of something important for the next day. Faced with a mess on your desk is no way to start a new day.

In short, take time to plan, remind yourself why you are doing this,take a breath before you start and then get the worst job done first.


Nicole is an accountant and business coach that loves everything to do with business.

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