We have all been there. Ready to work, all systems go… and then it seems like the customers didn’t get the memo!

You can stress about lack of business, or you can refocus your energy into your business.

So while waiting for the phone to ring, so these things ~

Plan your social media strategy. Come up with a clear plan for the next week, month and year. Use this time to carefully plan your business marketing idea for the year.

Get in touch with your existing customers. See if you can grab a coffee, catch up on your new services, just get in touch, remind them that you are still here!

Write a blog. If you haven’t done it before, it’s easy enough when you write about something you know. And it brings fresh and original content to your page.

Do your admin. You know there is some outstanding items you ignored. This is the time for that.

Research new apps and software. There are so many new ones. Take a look, so some research and see what’s new!

Read a or download a business book. You never have time, so use this time to learn.

Sign up for a short term course or a new skill. So easy now as there are so many online resources.

Take a look at what your competitors are up to. Maybe there is a new change in your industry, compare your prices. Take the time to research your market standing.

Write some new content for your Facebook page or website. You have no distractions to you can focus on your true authentic self!

Review your budget, bank account, expenses. Take the time to get new insurance quotes. Are you paying too much in bank charges? Maybe you have some deductions or software you are paying for that you are not using.

Worried about month-end? Why not switch some accounts off debit order and rather pay electronically. Maybe consider increasing your overdraft or credit limit if you are worried about the lack of income for the month. Don’t leave it till the last minute.

Review your insurances, life policies, will etc. Make sure it’s all up to date.

If you sit around and waiting for the customers to get in touch, it will drive you crazy. Do all the things you never have time for that are super important in your business.

Need some help growing or planning your business? Nicole from nhb.business is an accountant and business coach and loves helping small businesses get to grips with finances and business operations.

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