The problem is that you need to spend money to make money, right.

Well… here are some low budget ideas that can make a difference to your sales.

Start a blog | Write about what you know, write with passion and write about your story. You don’t need to be the best writer in the world, but unless you’re not good at it, at all, give it a try. Your social media pages will show your product and your services, use your blog to write about things that appeal to your target audience or that will tell them about your business. WordPress links to your Facebook and Linked in automatically. Easy.

Blogging workshop | These are more common lately and a great way to get some tips on your starter blog.

Grow you Facebook audience| Get help here, even just for a month or two. Getting this right is difficult and unless you know what you are doing, you will be wasting your money. Also make sure you have invited your friends and ask them to invite people. More people being reminded about your business is a good thing.

But then remember to post | At least daily. And if you don’t have time or can’t be consistent, get someone to do it for a fee. Outsourcing this will also ensure they can post a good mix of promotional/ service/ informative and interesting. You can’t just overload your audience with your product, they know what you do, they want to see specials and services, but not every day. Takes it back to the blog!

Get some Facebook Reviews | After a sale, send a thank you email and a friendly request to rate your service with a link so it’s easy. If you want to give them an incentive, offer a small discount t if they like your page, rate and post a review. It will motivate them to go through the effort, but also ensure they return. They have now also lined your page and will see your posts.

Videos | Facebook favors videos. They will get priority on your followers feeds. Yes, it’s nerve wrecking. But these are ideas to make money without spending a fortune. It’s not easy!

Personal Brand | Consider a business branding photo shoot and use that for a new direction on your social media pages. Promote yourself more than your products. People relate to people. End of story. It’s difficult but it makes a difference.

Chat to experts | Consider a consultation with an expert in certain areas step see if there is somewhere you can improve on. Accountant to help with your cash flow, budgets, costing. Business Coach to see where you can focus on to grow your business. Life Coach – maybe you need to work on yourself. Branding Strategist – are you sending the right message. Social Media expert – what’s on offer and for how much. A once off consultation might be all you n we for a bit of focus.

Network | Go to meetups, workshops, coffees. Chat to people you meet, remind them what you do. They might just be looking for what you have on offer.

Business is tough and exhausting, make sure you are always being resourceful.

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