At we offer full function accounting services to any size business, but we also help you grow your business from idea to reality with our business coaching and strategy programs. We offer all-inclusive, easy to understand accounting and strategy packages to small and medium businesses, that covers most of your basics.

Business Coaching

I have been helping small and medium businesses for over 20 years and love engaging with business owners about their passion. With my strong financial expertise, linked with my passion to see your business thrive, I can offer you personalised business coaching while we work closely together to keep it all on track.


Business starts with a passion. A dream.

And then it takes a lot of planning, organizing and inspiration to turn it into success. – LITE

We have an exclusive package dedicated to the business with turnover under R1 million.
We understand your needs. You are growing your business and probably doing most of it yourself! Your main concern is your tax bill and growing your business as simple and cost effectively as you can. You have more important things to worry about, than tax and bookkeeping! We offer discounts to our clients for our small business workshops, ensuring you have the right knowledge, to grow with your business. – GROWTH

For businesses over R1 million a year turnover, works closely with Accredited Books to make sure your taxes are compliant, but also that you have someone on hand to answer your questions as your business grows. We understand the challenges as you manage a team of staff and try and automate your office procedures to ensure a smooth growth process.
We offer staff training programs, business coaching and management reports to ensure you are always keeping an eye on the bottom line.
We are here to help you grow into an established business. – ESTABLISHED

For our clients with turnover that exceeds R5 million, and Accredited Books offer the right support as you consider various tax saving options, trusts, staff control procedures and also audit review of your financial statements, if needed.
We offer staff training workshops to ensure they are on board with your business vision, and for software training purposes. We assist you in company setup discussions, shareholder meetings as well as management reports. Ongoing accountant support and advice for the important decisions in your business.

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Chat to me about what it will take to move your business from where it is now, to your wildest dream.

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