How lucky are we? The wealth of information still available on the internet is just amazing.

It can be daunting to keep up with what is out there and sometimes easier to just ignore new apps or programs, and stick to what works.

I strongly recommend taking just an hour a month, to look at what is new and what could change your life or business!

• I love Udemy ( There are so many courses to up your skills, for a very small cost. Ongoing education has no down side!

Wave ( Free (and pretty) invoicing? What’s not too like. Perfect for the new, small businesses

Sageone ( is the best all-round program we recommend to clients. Once you are sending out regular invoices and need to track expenses, this is the best step into a proper set of books. It’s also local SA based so you will be able to get all the support you need.

• Do you book a lot of appointments? Try Timetrade ( Select your available spots and let clients book their own appointments.

Teamwork ( is my choice for online task scheduling program. I receive daily emails of my tasks for the day and I can assign tasks to staff on specific days. It’s not free, but sometimes it’s worth it paying for something that works for you!

WordPress ( Obviously! Start a blog, engage with your customers, get it there!

Leave me a comment, what are some of your favorite online tools?


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