Business coaching for me, is helping you BUSINESS better.

“Business” is everything anything that crazy business owners do to succeed, make profit and hopefully pay all the bills at the end of the month!  Its a crazy world where you are usually surviving on coffee and extreme courage!

The most important goal of business coaching is to get a business from where it is now to where you want it to be in the future.  This could be anything that the business owner thinks is missing right now.  Brand recognition, marketing plan, clear mission and business plan, but usually all of this involves the priority of increasing profits.  For a business to spend some of its hard earned cash on a Coach, there has to be some assumption of Return on Investment.

As an accountant, I do focus quite strongly on the profit, cashflow and costing of the business, but I work with very closely with excellent outside experts to help you with the things that will result in more profit!

Lastly, a good business coach, will make sure the business owner is the priority.  They need to be equipped with tools, processes and programs to stay calm, get things done, and stay sane!  A coach will help the business owner stay focused on career satisfaction as well as profit.  A happy entrepreneur is a motivated entrepreneur.

And if you are a motivated entrepreneur, your business has the best chance at success!

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