As a business coach I’m focused on business. I want to talk about your business, look at the numbers and then see how you can build on that.

But I know, sometimes, the business will improve, if we you take care of yourself first. And that is why we have life coach sessions as part of our packages.

So, here I am, getting life coaching sessions with the lovely Nicola Davis from NJD. As a business coach I am 100% sold on the concept of coaching, and am loving the growth of the industry. But, stepping into that world as a client is not easy! I would much rather talk about you and your business than my own!

So one session down, here’s what I have learnt about life coaching :

I was so nervous about talking about myself for an hour. But it’s not as difficult as I thought!

For the most part, it feels like a comfortable conversation. Yes, you realize it’s goal orientated about finding out more about you, but it doesn’t feel that way all the time.

Just focusing on yourself, with each question leading to more about yourself, is a very different conversation that meeting with a friend. The coach is interested in each answer and asks more leading questions, so you realize more about yourself pretty quickly. The topic keeps returning to you.

I was surprised by how much I learnt about myself. I’m very honest and not very secretive in general, but I don’t go around talking about myself. And once you start and with leading questions, I could quickly sum up the obvious things I could improve on.

So why do I think that coaching will benefit me, someone that never considered life coaching? Because for one hour I was doing nothing else but thinking and talking about myself. I never do that. Life, business, family and issues all lends itself to a re-active daily process. But for one hour I sat down and just spoke about myself. And therein lies the core success of all coaching. Someone with the knowledge and know-how to lead you to a point you want to be one day, but also in you prioritizing that focus by being part of the process.

You are prioritizing yourself, making the time and paying for the session, so you are taking it seriously.

And then you stop. Focus. On you.

Business success does rely on your happiness. Give it a try!

Find NJD here and get in touch with Nicola and give it a try; or you can chat to me about including these in our business coaching packages. We also work with a variety of life coaches to make sure you get the best fit for you.

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