You have a great product or service, you have a to-do list a mile long, why on earth do you still need to make time to play around on Facebook?

Because it’s important. Simple.

It’s not a great thing to have a website and a Facebook page anymore – it’s the bare minimum. It’s a given. It’s as bad as telling someone that you don’t have an email address, but you can give them your fax number!

But don’t make the mistake of setting up a Facebook page and then never posting! Remind yourself that it’s called social media for a reason. It’s a place to be social with your existing and potential customers. And if you’re not talking to them, I can assure you your competitors are!

So here are my top reason for being more social :

It gives your brand more personality. It gives a human aspect to the business, so remember to be nice! Always!

Remind them about you. Customers might not call you each time they see your ad, but when they need your service they might think of you as you are advertising often. Out of sight out of mind!

• But remember, we don’t log on to social media every day to see your ads. We are being social. So chat, engage and keep it social. Don’t post business, business, business 100% of the time. And always, always be nice!

• If you are not talking social to your customers, someone else probably is.

It’s easy to update and keep fresh. You’re website is a good landing page for your services and details, but a Facebook page can be updated, changed and refreshed often to suit a daily or monthly theme.

It’s super easy to announce specials or new services. Customers don’t go to your website every day. They should see more of your Facebook updates.

But stay consistent. If you can’t engage often or post often, get help. Or look into apps that schedule your posts in advance. A quiet Facebook page is pointless.

We love building your business personality which sets you apart from your competitors. We do this through consultations with a fantastic graphic designer to ensure your brand speaks to your business vision, but also with our affordable, easy to understand social media packages. All overseen by Nicole, and accountant and business coach. Pop over to my Facebook page for more info about business. We are all about the business ?

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