Yes, there are many simple returns. And often those returns get filed, and refund paid within two days. Maybe you need to upload your documents and then your refund is paid. Simple. Why do you need an accountant to file your return?

? We are qualified in all things tax. It’s our job. We do this all day long. Not only once a year. We also love doing tax. Do you?

?We have to keep up to date with all tax changes during the year, and doing continuous learning and studying. Why, if SARS requires us to do this on an ongoing basis, do they tell taxpayers tax is easy?

? You might not know about new changes in the tax act, new trends in SARS requests, new system changes. There are definite focus points for SARS each year and we can see that in the bulk returns we file. Yes they accepted your medical certificate last year, but this year they want to see the invoices.

? You might not be aware of something new you could have claimed, or a change in your circumstances. Tax is complicated and ever-changing.

? If you’re return has been simple and you are confident in what’s needed, then by all means : file. But please, if there is an audit or a revised assessment you have to get in touch with with a practitioner. We appeal about 10% of our total returns for incorrect assessments.

? Just because you know someone that claimed something, doesn’t mean you can, and doesn’t mean it’s correct! It only means SARS hasn’t reviewed his return thoroughly enough to reject it.

? Freelancer’s and Sole Proprietor’s tax returns are notoriously tricky and almost always reviewed by SARS. Get an accountants help.

? If budget doesn’t permit to pay an accountant, try and arrange a consultation. Chat about your situation and get some tips.

? It’s our goal to keep you out of trouble. If that means you need to pay some tax, or entitled to a large refund, so be it. No, we won’t take a % of your refund (and if you’re accountant does that, it goes against the Practitioner rulings!). My fee is for my time, office admin, and my expertise required to give you the best advice; not to just get you a refund! We ensure you can claim all you are entitled to, and my fee for that is set – not dependent on your refund. And yes, sometimes my fee might be more than your refund!

? Lastly it’s what we do. Let’s do it for you. Why don’t you get on with your life, and leave the tax headache to the professionals.

Tax season opens 1 July and will run till 31 October for normal taxpayers, or 31 January for provisional taxpayers.

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