Your business is a real living embodiment of your goals, dreams, products or services. You want to build a brand that invokes a feeling. Think of your business as an identity outside of yourself (but always true to yourself!)

The reality is that it can be very easy to forget what your business identity is.

Back in the day (what, like 10 years ago?!) your business identity was your logo, your business card and your letterhead. Done.

Not anymore, yes we still start there, but now you also have your website, social media page but also the regular posts on social media. And the problem with the last one, is that it’s regular and ongoing and, sometimes, it’s even outsourced.

How do you maintain your brand identity daily if you don’t have this at be forefront of your mind? Every time you post on Facebook, or every time you share something you like. And how can you outsource this function without making it clear what your brand identity is?

Find your personality words. I ask clients to think of five words that invoke the personality that they feel embodies their business brand. Think of words like beautiful, easy-to-use, feminine, quality, approachable, edgy, professional, youthful, trend-setter…

Clearly define your target market. You need to know if your customer is female only, parents, corporates or young teens. Don’t try and catch-all. The difference in how you would market to young teens vs corporates is huge. Don’t try and get ‘any and all’ customers. Think about who you want, narrow your focus and everything will become simpler from there. Check your personality words against target market and make sure they work well together.

Consider your logo color. This is not a quick snap decision. Do your research. Each color has proven consumer meaning and you want to aim it at your target market. Go back to your personality words. How does the color fit in with your choice. (Are you seeing a trend? You will be checking your personality words every step!)

Think about how you want to present your brand to your target market. Do you want to be family-focused, edgy or controversial. This is important. We want consistency in everything that goes it under your brand. This message needs to be relayed to your graphic designer, your social media marketer, your blogger. Everyone needs to be focused on your brand personality in everything that gets done.

Language. This is a purposeful decision. Do you want to sell a corporate persona, then this will carry trough in the language used on your website and every social media post. Think of what type of language best works for your business personality.

In everything you do go back to the business identity. Like a post and want to share? Don’t unless it fits in with your business personality. Make sure this filters through in every reply, every post, every new blog and every new image. Make sure your whole team is on board and once you have defined this personality it’s easy to judge anything related to your business. It’s easy to share anything pretty you see, but not if you have clearly defined goals and purpose.

Think about your business why and then build your business personality. Define who this business is and it’s your first step towards consistency, coherence and good targeted marketing.

Nicole is an accountant and business coach and loves all things business. She has developed Your Success Strategy to help you on your business path and also offers all inclusive accounting package

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